Thanks for visiting this website.

It has been built by my son, Joe, in order to let friends and family track my sailing progress around the UK, starting from 1st June (going clockwise). The idea was born from a conversation with a close friend, Jeremy, a couple of years ago when I boldly stated that I would like to take my boat on a more adventurous voyage and could perhaps time this to coincide with a period of long service (25 years) leave. Jeremy's retort was to insist that he also come as it had been an outstanding aim to make such a trip. So, with three months to succeed, we are off!

I am very lucky to have a beautiful boat, an Endurance 35 designed as a blue water cruiser by Peter Ibold, and following more than two years of hard work and not a small amount of cash spent I now have considerable confidence in her sailing ability. She is a ketch, with a newly reconditioned Perkins 4108 diesel engine (thanks to Derek and colleagues at Diperk in Peterborough for a speedy job). I am testing a new drive coupling bought from Centra Transmissions in Bradford following advice from Bob the MD. I use a PC based electronic charting system running on a piece of software called Rose Point Explorer which integrates Vector and Rastor charts along with received AIS data. Although trackable by coastguard stations via my broadcast AIS signal, the free access to this has recently been withdrawn, so I am carrying a 'Spot' PLB (personal locator beacon) which is trackable via googlemaps (see tracker tab). This also doubles as a safety system, though I do also have an onboard EPIRB. Following the tragady of the sinking of the yatch Ouzo two years ago I decided to invest in a SeaMe active radar enhancer which should make Ardent look like a battleship to any ship using X band radar!

I am keen to use this opportunity to raise money for charity so have provided a facility for you to donate if you so wish. So here on this website you can track our progress, browse the gallery of photos that we take enroute, read the accounts of Jeremy as we progress and donate to the charities if you so wish.

You can also write comments, send us messages and check the onboard live(ish) cam for latest actionshots.

Thank you for your support.